Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vivians Here!...

Vivian arrived from Taiwan Saturday evening. Vivian is our exchange student staying with us for this coming school year. We broke her in right away by going to a cookout at my brothers Dereks that night, the whole family was there and she got to meet all of my brothers and sisters and my parents all at once. She has been very quiet and shy which is not unusual, I think I would be too. Today we had a relaxing day at home and she went swimming with the kids and played cards with them for a long while. I hope we have another wonderful experience. Welcome Vivian!, we are happy you are here.

Rayanna is doing wonderful also. She is fitting right in and finding her place within the family. She is learning more and more English every day and learning the routines of the house. The kids are all ready and excited to start school next week. OK, Well, Maybe it's me thats ready and excited..LOL


Sarah k said...

Hello Vivian.. You will love the it there!!! And I am so glad that Rayanna is doing well.

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Carrie said...

wow great to hear all the good news and another student to stay with you you are brave! hope all is well- looks great from here!

Jeri said...

hey girl. I was checking in on your blog. It's been awhile since I've talked to you. Hope everything is good on your end.

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