Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vivians Here!...

Vivian arrived from Taiwan Saturday evening. Vivian is our exchange student staying with us for this coming school year. We broke her in right away by going to a cookout at my brothers Dereks that night, the whole family was there and she got to meet all of my brothers and sisters and my parents all at once. She has been very quiet and shy which is not unusual, I think I would be too. Today we had a relaxing day at home and she went swimming with the kids and played cards with them for a long while. I hope we have another wonderful experience. Welcome Vivian!, we are happy you are here.

Rayanna is doing wonderful also. She is fitting right in and finding her place within the family. She is learning more and more English every day and learning the routines of the house. The kids are all ready and excited to start school next week. OK, Well, Maybe it's me thats ready and excited..LOL

Saturday, July 19, 2008

2 Weeks Home!

Hello Everyone,

We have been home for 2 weeks now, and everything is going wonderful. Rayanna is so sweet and so cute. She is adjusting very well to life here with our family. She has started daycare with Jesse and Rebecka and is learning new words everyday. All the kids are getting along great but unfortunatly Joe has to leave to return to Rhode Island tomorrow. The two of them have bonded well and have thier own relationship of teasing each other. Rebecka and Rayanna are sharing a room and sleeping together and so far so good things are going well. The only problem I can forsee in the not too far future is Rebecka getting aggravated with Rayanna's messiness. Rebecka is very neat and clean with her room and her stuff and Rayanna is not at all. Take it off, drop it and leave it. Done playing with it, drop it and leave it. Not wearing those shoes, just leave them there. I have alot of teaching ahead of me to get her to clean up after herself.

We are so blessed to have two wonderful girls and two wonderful boys. God is sooooo good!!!!

We went to Green Meadows Farm today with the girls. The boys went 4-wheeling with Uncle Leo. So daddy and I spent the day with the girls and took them to visit a farm, it was really fun and we got to hold alot of the animals. The girls rode a pony and milked a cow. We held the baby chicks and ducks. It was really cool and we all had a blast.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Who Dare Say I Don't Have a Beautiful Family?

Since I am the one doing this blog I don't have to put my silly face pictures, But you can enjoy these.

What?..You've never eaten out of a toilet?

We ate a place called The Modern Toilet Diner. It was really cool, you sat on toilets and the tables were glass covered bathtubs and the food was served in mini toilets. The ice cream was served in a squat toilet. I really wish you guys could get the chance to use one of those. You don't know what your missing...LOL. The drinks were even served in mini urinals. It was really fun if the gross factor doesn't bother you.

Anyone Up for a bit of Snake?

I am not that crazy. But as you can see of few crazy people in our group ate fried snake. We went to a place called snake alley where in days past i guess it was a pretty seedy place where there was alot of "adult" entertainment and the killing of snakes for public view and drinking the blood and other odd stuff. Now they have cleaned the place up and except for a few "adult" shops along the strip it wasn't too bad. But they do not kill the snakes in public anymore although you can still pick one and have it "prepared" any way you like. We skipped the blood.

A Fancy Dinner

Here are a few pictures from our welcome dinner with Stephanies family. The food was so beautiful and tasted as good as it looked. Now I realize it may not look so good to some of you, but to us it was amazing!

American Idol Fans???

Iwas a big American Idol fan until Bo Bice lost a couple of years ago. Then I didn't watch it again. But last night I got to see Bo Bice in concert in our city of Ocala with my best friend Shona. Even though I had just gotten home from Taiwan I still loved the opportunity to do this with her. Bo is still as hot as he was then. It was pouring rain for the first part of the concert and being in Florida of course it was outside. Even being a drowned rat seeing him was awesome.